Stylish Shoes Under $50

hystericgirlA bold sense of style does not have to go hand-in-hand with expensive heels – fabulous footwear can be affordable too! For proof, just take a look at our Trendsetter Alice Le’s blog, Hysteric Girl. If you admire big risks in fashion, her blog is a must-read. Remember to check your Sale Spot* for more great finds under $50! Just use the price filters.*

Recessionista. The most popular word that’s been splattered across headlines and posts on fashion blogs and magazines. In an economy that is still flailing and struggling to make its way up, this term has been coined to represent a now financially conscious fashion sphere that keeps growing. Girls are giving advice on how to save money, yet still look chic and stylish at the same time.

For me, a full-time college student who only works part-time on the weekends, learning to pinch pennies isn’t anything new. Especially when it comes to a love of mine:  shoes. Forgive my weakness, but I can’t resist cheap shoes. Many will spend over $500 on one pair of designer shoes, but I’d rather have 3-4 pairs for that same amount that I can switch outfits with. I don’t like wearing the same things over and over again. Fashion is always evolving and changing. Thick heels might be in one season, and out the next. Unfortunately, UGG boots still seem to be a staple for comfort and warmth…

To feed my shoe addiction and avoid breaking the bank, I browse online replica and designer-inspired stores. Online shopping sites like,, Urbanog.con, and offer designer-inspired shoes at prices ranging from $10-$45. These are pretty amazing prices when you look at how close some of shoes are to the designer’s. If you’re on a budget like me, these sites are a godsend. Lets be honest, most of us do not have Victoria Beckham’s income… or her ability to stand upright in heel-less boots.

These cut-out leatherette heels come in black and brown, costing a whopping $24.20.


Thick strap pedestal platform: $35.70. Do you dare?


We all know where this one was inspired!  Leopard feather cut-out heel: $31.50


Chunky ankle wrapped heel: $17.90