This month I celebrate my 29th 26th birthday.  Being a Leo, it’s no wonder I take great pride in my astrological sign.  So along with this style guide I’m giving you a sneak peak into my Salemail and the pieces that I’ll be adding to my wardrobe this fall.

**Are you a Leo?

As a Leo, you are a true trendsetter.   Rather than play it safe, your superb sense of design and color gives you an eye for unexpected, original wearable expressions. You have a theatrical quality to fashion (Leo rules the theatre, after all) so you look at the “costume” you choose as a creative way to express a certain attitude, feeling or mood.

The Leo woman does everything on a large scale—nothing they attempt is done half-heartedly. When it comes to luxury, Leo raises the bar to the ultimate high.

Leo is the one sign linked to royalty and the highest level of designer fashion, so when it comes to choosing only the best labels will do for you.  You’d rather have a small number of very expensive pieces than have a closet full of lesser things You prize one-of-a-kind design, interesting fabrics and silhouettes, as well as superb, quality workmanship.

As the center of attention, Leo’s strong personality isn’t the only thing that shines.  She has a penchant for sequins and glitter, biting at anything bedazzled.

Balmain metallic pants, D&G sequin dress, Balmain embellished top

Ruling Planet: the Sun

With the influence of Leo’s ruling planet, she is always the center of attention. No wonder a Leo naturally has a gravitational force that draws others to you.

Juicy Couture fringe necklace, Christoper Kane blazer, Loeffler Randall suede booties

As queen of the jungle, the Leo woman is empowered in electrifying orange and glam gold hues.   Her style reflects her fierce feline attitude as she opts for bold color and patterns over subtle neutrals.


Symbol: The Lion

Givenchy leopard vest, Giuseppe Zanotti leopard boot, Dolce & Gabbana shift dress

Color: Gold and Orange

Matthew Williamson embellished dress, Halson Heritage twist dress, Stella McCartney satin dress****

Never afraid to show off her assets, she dresses to impress in curve hugging garments. Taking cues from dominant woman of the sign like herself—Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Jackie O—the Leo is a proud style-setter paving the way for others to follow.

Part of the Body Ruled by a Leo – Back, Spine, Heart

Alexander Wang chiffon back dress, Prada coverup shorts**

Stylin’ celebrity Leo’s include:

  • Madonna – August 16th, 1958

  • Jennifer Lopez – July 24th, 1969

  • Mila Kunis – August 14th, 1983

  • Anna Paquin July 24th, 1982

  • Charlize Theron – August 7th, 1975

  • Sandra Bullock – July 26th, 1964

  • Annie Ladino – July 28th, 1982

  • Halle Berry – August 14th, 1966

  • Andy Warhol – August 6th, 1928

  • Jackie O – July 28th, 1929

And a few Leo’s in fashion:

  • Yves Saint Laurent – August 1st, 1936

  • Coco Chanel – August 19th, 1883

*As the Queen of the Zodiac a Leo’s ultimate pride lies in their generosity for she is a gracious and benevolent. *