Customer service is a funny thing. It seems that the far majority of the time, frustrating moments spur interaction with a sales associate. These are the interactions that I don’t miss when shopping online! However, every so often, you experience the treat of a charismatic salesperson, or better yet, someone to add value to your shopping trip.

I thought it was pretty neat when I read about J.Crew’s ‘new’ concierge services. The Wall Street Journal reported, “Last month, it launched its first concierge service, called the “just ask desk,” at its Rockefeller Center store in Manhattan. At the desk, customers can make appointments with personal shoppers, arrange private shopping parties, request monogramming, preorder items from its high-end Collection line, look at color swatches for bridesmaid dresses that are sold online, and order clothes, such as those from the kids’ line called crewcuts, that aren’t carried in most stores. Concierges will also hold coats, packages and umbrellas….Like concierges at high-end department stores, J. Crew’s concierges also can help shoppers solve problems that aren’t related to the store: They’ve provided directions, made restaurant reservations and given advice on Broadway shows, the company says.” Fashion blogs Passmenterie and The Real Cougar Woman also picked up this story.

The ironic part is that even without the “Just Ask” desk, I feel that J.Crew probably offers many of these amenities, but keeps them more under wraps. Just by promoting that these services exist, they are gaining the attention of both the media and eager shoppers who want to experience this red-carpet-like service.

J.Crewaholic – one of our Trendsetters – is a site you can look to for regular updates on J.Crew and what is happening in their stores!

I also want to give a special thanks for Nora and Erin at the San Francisco Westfield J.Crew store, who always make my shopping experience special and personal. They are providing a service just as valuable in my eyes!