Introducing Shop It To Me Threads, A New Way to Shop: YOUR Way

A note from our Founder/CEO, Charlie Graham:****

Since I launched Shop It To Me in the summer of 2005, I have been passionate about building the world’s best online personal assistant for shopping.  Our first product, Salemail, was a huge improvement over what was available at the time. But even then, I knew we could do better.

That’s why I am so excited today to announce the public beta release of our new product, Shop It To Me Threads. It’s the culmination of five years of work and I’m convinced it will revolutionize the way you shop for clothing.

Central to Shop It to Me Threads is our belief that every member is an individual — with individual preferences, individual ideas, individual ways we want to shop. You may love clothing but you do not always love the same things your mom loves or your Facebook friends love.

We understand that and we designed Shop It To Me Threads to give you a completely individualized experience – one that will be different from everyone else’s because you can customize it to be just for you.  You tell us what you love and just like a great personal shopping assistant, we give you updates on the things that are most important to you.

With the introduction of Shop It To Me Threads, we are raising the bar for online clothing shopping. Most sites today try to guess your needs and wants by “spying” on you through the online equivalent of a surveillance camera.  After watching you from afar, they make recommendations based on what they think you might like – without really understanding who you are or what you want.We believe in a different model – one that is simpler and more transparent:  we ask you what you what you want… and then we deliver it.

Isn’t that what a personal shopper should do?

And while, we are asking, one more thing:

If you noticed above, I said Threads is in “beta”. Threads has tremendous potential and we are still at the very beginning of what it can become. We are making it public now because we want you involved in its development. Tell us what you love and hate about it, so we can make changes and improvements, and deliver on our vision of bringing you the world’s best personal shopping assistant.

As you use it, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know at

For more what Shop It To Me Threads does, check out this video:

And for a tour of Shop It To Me Threads, check out this “How It Works” video.

For the official Shop It To Me Threads press release, click here.

Happy Shopping!

– Charlie Graham, Founder & CEO**