I want to introduce one of our Trendsetters — Louise from Shopaphilia.

This is a site that hunts down fabulous fashion finds at affordable prices, proving that looking chic doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Shopaphilia is a great site to bookmark or subscribe to for updates on sales. According to Louise, “finding the perfect piece and scoring a great deal at the same time is a thrill that everyone should enjoy.” Recently, Shopaphilia highlighted summer work tops and suits.

Shopaphilia interviewed the President of Shop It To Me, Charlie. Here’s an excerpt from that interview, and you can read the rest by clicking the link here.


shopaphilia: Where did the idea for Shop It To Me come from? What were the inspirations?

**Charlie: **I have always been a big fan of sales & deals. Costco & Trader Joe’s have some of my favorite places to shop since back when TJ’s was located only in LA and Costco was called The Price Club.

I started to look at online deals a few years ago but was frustrated as I always seemed to find out about sales the day after they happened, or only when the items went out of stock. So I came up with a personal shopper where you could enter in the items you were looking for and it would tell you when they would go on sale. I told this to female friends and family members, and they said “You have to do this for clothing!” and hence Shop It To Me was born.