How to dress this Valentine’s Day, whatever your plans.

The world is broken into two distinct tribes. Those who embrace Valentine’s Day in all its heart-shaped glory and those who most definitely don’t. Those who want roses and violins and those who prefer an evening on the couch with a good glass of wine and takeout.

Whichever camp you fall into, it’s impossible to completely ignore the festival of love, especially when it provides such a great excuse for dressing up. So, embrace it, or don’t, but whatever you Valentine’s day plans make sure you spend it looking amazing.

Explore our Valentine’s day style guide below and find fashion inspiration for every occasion.

For Dinner with Your Beau…
Think flickering candlelight and lingering looks across the table. Good food and even better company. If you’re going traditional this Valentine’s Day then there really is only one color to choose for your evening look. Red. It’s bold, romantic and can leave you feeling like the star of your very own fairy-tale. This Jaeda Lace Wide-Leg Jumpsuit from Anthropologie combines feminine lace and show-stopping red with a clean modern silhouette. Wear it for a grown-up Valentines look that won’t feel overdone.

Jaeda Lace Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

For Drinks with the Girls…

You’re with a group of girlfriends in your favorite bar, sipping delicious cocktails and warming up for a couple of rounds of karaoke. Sound like your idea of Valentine’s heaven? You’re not alone. Whether you’re happily single or just don’t buy into the misty-eyed romance of Valentine’s Day, spending time with friends you love can be the most fun way to celebrate. Make sure you look awesome as you get your groove on in an outfit that combines femininity with street-style cool. This Free People Misha Velvet Mini Dress is the perfect look for hitting the town.

Free People Misha Velvet Mini Dress

For a First Date…

First, you get a whole heap of points for bravery. First dates can be nerve-racking but scheduling a first date on Valentine’s Day can really amp up the pressure. This doesn’t mean a first date on Valentine’s can’t be amazing. A great date on the most romantic night of the year could be the beginning of your epic love story. When it comes to dressing, keep it elegant, chic and just a little flirty. This Michael Kors Sleeveless Lace A-Line Dress will leave you feeling perfectly put together. Combine it with killer heels and wine colored lips to add just a hint of vamp to your look.

Michael Kors Sleeveless Lace A-Line Dress

For a Big Night In…

Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel great on Valentine’s Day. Whether your curling up with your significant other to catch up on Netflix or indulging in some solo pampering, make sure you look the part in Valentine’s inspired loungewear. You can’t go wrong with hearts, on your sleeve and everywhere else. These Heart Print Pajama Shirt and Shorts from H&M are cute enough to wear all year round.

Heart Print Pajama Shirt and Shorts

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