Shop It To Me Just Got Even Better!

Not everyone shops the same way. We understand that, and we’ve redesigned Salemail with a new personalization option that lets you decide how you want your sales news organized:  **by retailer, by category, or by brand. ** After all, your personal shopping assistant should suit your personal shopping style.


Update your preference with a simple click here. Just select the organization method you prefer, which will take effect for your next Salemail alert! And don’t worry, if you ever change your mind you can always click the link at the top of your next Salemail or log on to Shop It To Me and change your organization preference again under “Your Account Settings”.

Email Organization Page

At Shop It To Me, we’ve always had one goal:  to make it effortless for you to find the best prices on the clothes and accessories you want in the sizes you need. We hope you’ll agree that this new feature makes it quicker and easier for you to find exactly what you love.