Savviest Celebrities & Those Most Wanted To Shop With

American women love Michelle Obama’s style.  And, according to a survey Shop It To Me recently conducted, they also think she’s one of the savviest shoppers around.

We asked over 900 women to write in the name of the celeb they think is the savviest fashion shopper, more than 8% named Mrs. Obama-second only to Reese Witherspoon who garnered 9% of the ballot.  Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Bilson, and Tyra Banks rounded out the Top 5 list:


We asked a second group of 600 women to identify which celebrity they would most like to go shopping with, and the results were a bit different.  Aniston shot to the top of the list with 9% of the votes and Witherspoon fell to second place with 6%.   Mrs. Obama didn’t make the top five, although “What Not To Wear’s” Stacy London (4%), Oprah (3%) and Anne Hathaway (3%) did.