*the_stilleto_effectWith leather, studs, and ’80s fashion making a strong comeback, it’s time we take a look at where these styles emerged from. Musicians have been rocking wild looks for decades, heavily influencing the fashion industry. Our Trendsetter Susana from The Stiletto Effect is here to talk musicians and singers with great style. *

The more distinctive musicians or bands are in terms of style and identity, the easier it is for a record company to market and project their image. That’s why many musicians are very dependent on clothing to enhance their performance and project the right attitude.

Throughout the years, there have been singers and bands that have influenced the fashion industry with their great style. Will anyone be able to forget Michael Jackson’s gloves paired with his white socks and fabulous jackets? Since his death, many designers and magazines have dedicated collections and editorials to his style. Madonna has also had a strong image since the beginning of her career. From her ’80s look, which is back in stores, to the many other looks she’s adopted through the years, she is definitely a fashion icon. This is mainly because she has a keen aesthetic and keeps reinventing herself.

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Looking back in time, there are many great bands and singers that have created trends. Take The Beatles, for instance – remember the frenzy around their haircuts? Even today many bands continue to adopt their look – just think of Oasis or Arctic Monkeys. Others, like Joy Division, Sid Vicious, Blondie or Kurt Cobain, have also hugely influenced the fashion industry today. And their clothing illustrated exactly what they and their music was about! Their style was so cool back then, and now, the clothes aren’t so far-fetched that the fans can’t imitate them.


I’m a big fan of the rock ‘n’ roll look. I love the messy haircuts, paired with cool tees, tight leather pants and fabulous biker jackets and boots. From Jim Morrison or David Bowie from past generations, to Jack White or Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of today, rockers all have this cool style we want to imitate. And we are lucky because this season on the runways, it’s all about rock, punk and gothic looks.