The New York Times this weekend had an dedicated an entire piece to the word and concept “Recessionista”

The article shared that blogs are being dedicated to this concept (, and the term was even recently coined an up and coming catch-phrase!

According to the NYT, the term has interesting historical roots: “Finance executives first used the term to connote a person predicting a recession or a person who believes a recession would benefit the long-term health of the economy…”  Now, the term is being used to conjure up images of women who flock to Target, H&M, and the like in hunt of similar styles to those they see on the runway.

Some agree that these “style mavens on a budget” are a fantastic way to combat economic woes and frugality can be happily rewarded in today’s times.  Others view the recessionista term as simply an excuse to make people feel it’s OK to buy more.  Regardless — how to get the most bang for your buck is top of mind these days…  and we hope that Shop It To Me is helping to discover those discounts, for those of you searching!

**We’ve heard lots of similar terms thrown around: budget babe, recessionista, diva on a dollar, cheap chic, etc. What are your favorites?  Help us add to the list!