While the East Coast was crushed with blizzards, today has been an ultra-rainy day in San Francisco.  For that matter, the past two weeks have been nothing but teardrops falling from the sky.  Enough already!

Today, our Trendsetter StyleBakery had a posting on the difference between Weatherproof and Waterproof boots that couldn’t have been more timely!  According to the pros, “Weatherproof and waterproof are basically the same thing, though weatherproof usually refers to a warmer shoe meant for the snow.  Both terms mean the shoe is designed to keep water out.** Water resistant** shoes, on the other hand, will reasonably keep water out but are not designed to be worn in standing water (puddles) or deep snow.”

Back to this nasty SF weather…  As we jumped through puddles today on our way to lunch, the gals of Shop It To Me discussed how rainboots are oh-so-necessary in this gloomy mess.  Today Laura is sporting her navy Hunters — her feet were much drier than the rest of ours upon returning the office!  Just as Natalie commented that she was in the market for a pair of her own, I spotted these in my Salemail!  On sale from $80 from Shopbop — they come in 9 sassy colors!  (Sadly I just learned that only the Iris color is on sale though…)  And the best part?  Free shipping!  (I have a feeling that Natalie’s feet might be pretty dry soon too!)

Hunter - Original Hunter Wellington Rain Boot

Hunter – Original Hunter Wellington Rain BootReg: $115.00Now: $80.50