Pisces Fashion Uncovered: What this Zodiac Sign looks great in

Some women read into their star signs as if it's a life or death situation, and some could care less.

Regardless of your stance on astrology— maybe you fall in an in-between space betwixt an astrology nut and a non-believer, we're here to show you a good time.

So, whether you rely on the planets for advice or not, for the purpose of writing this article, it's Pisces season (February 19th - March 20) and Pisces are most recognized for their emotions. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they give great advice. But how does this translate into a Pisces's sense of style?

Coming from a fashion standpoint, we'll break it down for you.. and while we can't give you love, life, or financial advice based upon your zodiac sign, we can cue you into what your zodiac sign says about your style!

What a Pisces Wears to Work

A Pisces wardrobe is very feminine, romantic, and bohemian at times. It's more common for a Pisces to wear a skirt or dress to work, rather than to don a pinstripe pantsuit. But never say never.

Here are some wear-to-work pieces that a Pisces would look stunning in when heading to the office.

This RIXO leopard skirt is perfect for the office when worn with a bodysuit disguised as a perfectly tucked-in blouse.

Paige makes a ton of office appropriate bodysuits that are not to be overlooked.

These bodysuits actually look more refined and professional than an unruly top, because they always stay in place and no panty lines.

A Pisces is always striving to look on the bright side of things, and this blue DVF wrap dress is an instant happiness booster. Pair this frilled frock with chic ballerina flats for the office.

Pisces Weekend Style

A Pisces sense of style on the weekend is just as cheerful, flirty, and effortless as the star sign's wear-to-work ensembles. No need to suffer ladies.

A Pisces favorite color is yellow, so you can definitely expect to see some sunshine inspired pieces in her closet.

We suggest pairing the above Proenza Schouler fine knit yellow turtleneck top with a pair of baggy jeans! The anti-skinny jean movement is a thing and we love this anti-skinny jean trend more than anyone else! <- Click here to view how anti-skinny denim looks on real women!

Pisces also love their lavender tones, so it goes without saying that you'll find some purple pieces in a Pisces closet.

Splurge on a purple silk cami and skimp on the jeans.

Top off this Pisces outfit with a fresh white cardigan from L'Agence.

Pisces Bags

A Pisces definitely appreciates a grand accessory. Pisces aren't afraid to show off their creative senses of style, and a fabulous handbag is all it takes to take this zodiac sign going.

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Here are some more handbags that this stylish star sign might wear.

Please click all items to see how stylish they look when paired with an actual outfit. Sometimes it's hard to judge by the first picture you see, much like with Ganni's yellow mini bag, that is much more divine than the eye first perceives.

Coincidentally, all of the above bags are mini bags! And guess what?! The oversized handbag trend is returning with a vengeance in 2020. Check out the best oversized handbags of 2020 here!

Pisces Shoes

A Pisces likes to play with her fashion sense and the same goes for her shoe game. Not afraid to mess around with a few different types, a Pisces has quite the collection of shoes, nothing is off the table for her (as long as it looks good).

Superga knows how to make a sneaker romantic and we are obsessed. These high tops are the perfect Spring/Summer sneakers for a Pisces girl.

And when the Pisces woman isn't frolicking around in a pair of chic floral sneakers, she can be spotted sporting an impossibly cute pair of Summer sandals.

What your Zodiac Sign says about your Style: Pisces Edition

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