Patricia Field and Sex and the City part ways

Word on the street is that Patricia Field will not be dressing the Sex and the City gals this time around (gasp!). The “out there” costume designer, who has been styling Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda over the years, has become an icon to fashionistas far and wide. However, the rumor is that she will not be signing on for movie #2 due to conflicting opinions with Sarah Jessica Parker regarding wardrobe. SJP feels that Carrie’s look should show the recession’s influence, while Ms. Field wants to stick with the extravagant designer duds that make her stand out.


I do feel that part of Sex and the City‘s appeal is Carrie’s lust-worthy wardrobe, but at the same time SJP’s view seems rather appropriate during these tough times. What are your thoughts?

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