You wake up late for work. You’re rushing to get ready.  You don’t have time to shower.  You notice that your hair is a complete mess…what do you do? Usually I just pull my hair back into a pony tail and let it be, but sometimes even then my hair still doesn’t look presentable enough to leave the house. Instead of focusing on the negatives let’s try and be positive here: you do still have the option to wear a cute hair accessory! These adorable items appeared in my Salemail today, and are perfect for the days when you really just don’t have time to pay any attention to your hair. Or even if you hair happens to be looking particularly good (lucky you!) why not make everyone’s jaw drop with one final touch?

The Hair Clip: The solution to days when you’re experiencing minor hair problems, i.e. your bangs just aren’t falling the way you want them to. Simply pin back the troublesome strands and you’re good to go!


Free People Cross Stitch Barrett: Reg: $10.00, Now: $4.95

The Barrette: For when your hair is just a little bit tangled. Pin back about half of your hair and let the rest hang. Sometimes elevating part of your hair gives it a little more bounce.


Marc by Marc Jacobs “Biker Stud Marc” Hair Clip: Reg: $48.00, Now: $33.60

The Headband: For when there is absolutely nothing you can possibly do to resolve your hair problems…at least you decided to put a cute feather  in your hair!


Free People Feather Headband: Reg: $48.00, Now: $19.95

The Decorated Rubber Band: So Clever! It’s just like a pony tail holder but you can actually wear it to a nice event.


Left: Juicy Couture Pave Heart Ponytail Holder: Reg: $45.00, Now: $33.75

Right: JCrew Pearl Cluster Elastic Hairband: Reg: $16.50, Now: $9.50