Nighttime Makeup: Three Alternatives to the Smoky Eye

*Whether you are attending a special event, or going out for a night on the town, pretty makeup is a must. We’re ***certainly fans of the smoky eye, but there are several alternatives to this look that can be just as lovely (and it’s important to mix it up!). Make Me Blushhh is here to show us a few other makeup options to help us stand out in a crowd.

The smoky eye always comes to mind whenever we think of nighttime makeup, the look is usually paired with nude lips to give off that sultry smouldering look that many find attractive. As much as I love a sexy smoky eye, I also love all the other options. Here are three ideas for your next glam night out:

1. The Classic Glam:

You really can’t go wrong with this look! It features neutral eyes accented with bold red lips that scream siren. This look reminds us that you don’t always have to pack on the eye makeup to stand out — other parts of your face should have a spotlight too.

2. The Natural Goddess

Who said that looking glam is all about color? Looking natural and glowy is every bit as gorgeous. Simple eye makeup played up with dark eyeliner to bring out the eyes is matched with natural-looking lips creating a look that is appropriate for day and night.

3. The Flirty Girly

The smoky effect is not the only way to dress up your eyes — big lashes draw some serious attention to your peepers. If you’re not blessed with naturally long, fluttery lashes, don’t be afraid to try some false lashes. They’re a ton of fun for a night out.

Do you have a favorite amongst these looks?