Here at Shop It To Me we’ve been very busy in the last couple of months–we launched Shop It To Me UK, redesigned our website, and continue to bring stylish bargains to your inbox at your convenience. In order to keep up with all the excitement, our headquarters staff continues to grow (and we’re still hiring!).  We’d love to introduce our latest team additions to you:

Vivian recently moved to San Francisco from Boston and has been busy furnishing her house ever since. Her favorite places to shop in the Boston area are Tannery and Dress (readers: Vivian has great style, so definitely go check these out!) and she recently came back from her honeymoon in Indonesia! Her biggest pet peeve is when blogs fail to give you spoiler alerts. Vivian has a special message for all of our Shop It To Me users: “I’m excited to join the team as a product manager aka professional online shopper. To all the SITM fans, I welcome your feedback. Let me know how I can help make your shopping experience better.”

**Rahul **just joined the team as an engineering intern and in his spare time enjoys eating vegan food, playing tennis, and going for runs around San Francisco. He is proficient in Hindi and knows all the capitals of every country in the world! He’s excited to be working at Shop It To Me because “I not only get to learn technical skills from our amazing engineers, but I become more and more fashionable each day!”

**Laura **is an MBA student at Berkeley who enjoys running, yoga, cooking, skiing and reading. She loves to shop at J.Crew, Dish (SF boutique), Saks, Barneys, and Books Inc. Her most exotic travel destination to date is Kakamega, Kenya and she compares herself to George Clooney in Up in the Air–she hates slow people at the airport!

**Neil **just joined the engineering team and since his arrival has already learned much more about women’s clothing sizes than he ever could have imagined. His favorite travel destination is Paris, France, however, he is fluent in Spanish. Aside from his uncanny knowledge of computers he also has the amazing ability to wiggle both his ears and his eyebrows!

From all of us here at Shop It To Me we’d like to say welcome aboard, we’re thrilled to have such a talented group of new employees!