Here at Shop It To Me, we’ve compiled our favorite fashion and shopping sites in a group we call our Trendsetter network.

Reading every one of their blog posts would make you one stylish mammajamma, but alas, we understand you may not have time to read each entry, all the time.

So we’ve each picked some interesting reads we just had to share! Here are some of our favorite recent posts written by our Trendsetters:


**chicjungleNicole’s pick: **An amazing budget beauty product straight from your medicine cabinet by Chic Jungle
This Shop It To Me trendsetter takes an affordable and innovative approach to beauty, focusing on a product we’ve all heard of but probably never thought much about…Vaseline! She writes about the array of beauty products Vaseline can substitute for, emphasizing the multifunctionality of one very inexpensive product!

**purseaddictTamra’s pick: **How to stretch narrow shoes by Purse Addict
Stuck with shoes that are too narrow? Don’t throw them out, stretch them out! There are a variety of options, ranging from in-home remedies to help from a cobbler.

**collegefashionLaura’s pick: **Reinventing your style by College Fashion
Zephyr from College Fashion offers ideas and tips for re-inventing your look this Summer. This can be a risky decision, so thank goodness she is here to walk you through it!

**wheredidugetthatNatalie’s pick: **Backstage look at Christian Siriano’s shoe line for Payless by Where Did U Get That
Hot stilettos, straight from the runway…to Payless. Seeing is believing, and our Trendsetter Where Did U Get That somehow managed to get a backstage look at the designer collection, and hang out with the man of the hour – Christian Siriano himself!