fantastictoeIt’s Trendsetter Thursday!  Did you know you could bargain down the cost of a pedicure?  Or that retailers generally mark up the price of shoes around 50 percent? Oh the amazing shoe tips and tricks you learn from our Trendsetter Fantastic Toe**! Visit and learn tips,  post pics, shop and meet other footware fans. Here the site’s publisher Janet shares the top trends this summer.

Summertime and the shoe shopping is easy…just follow these tips to stay au courant and oh-so-chic:


*Aggressive: **Jessica Simpson Georgina
Tribal:  Louis Vuitton Spicy (sold at LV boutiques)
Neutrals: **Stuart Weitzman Bridge
Fibers: **Prada Bamboo Wedge
Florals: **Christian Louboutin Petal
Gladiator: *Matt Bernson Gladiator

  • Be aggressive: Statement shoes are all the rage, so indulge in caged heels, collared or studded sandals, and extremely strappy footwear. The heels are high, the attitude is fierce, and you will feel unstoppable in these shoes.****
  • Try tribal: Animal prints, exotic skins, and bead ornamentation abound – on flats, strappy sandals, and, most notably, Louis Vuitton’s Spicy, this summer’s IT shoe. Incredibly versatile, the tribal shoe adds flair to almost any outfit.****
  • Shift into neutrals: So very 1950s and yet so of-the-moment, stilettos in beige or nude tones are the new elegant. Almost invisible, these shoes will subtly lengthen your silhouette while ensuring that the attention is on your face and not your feet.****
  • Up your fiber content: In these anti-bling times, natural materials are ascendant: Wedge heels wrapped in bamboo, raffia, or jute figure prominently, as do platforms with cork heels. Never has back-to-nature been so stylish.****
  • Floralize: The floral motif is showing up in flats and pumps alike – but dainty they ain’t: This summer’s floral prints are bold and colorful, even aggressive. Floral decorations, such as those on Christian Louboutin’s Petal, provide another take on this popular trend.****
  • Shop your closet: Luckily, those gladiators and bright patents you bought and loved so much last summer are still in style this year – wear them and be as dazzling as ever!