Our Trendsetter Rachel From Polka Dot Stripes is here to chat with us about some of her favorite movies, and the fantastic fashion inspiration that can be found only behind the big screen. Check out her blog about vintage finds, affordable fashion, and positive body image, from a lovely Northern lass who aspires to work in the fashion industry.

As women, our style — from the clothes we wear, to the way we do our hair — is influenced by many things… be it the people around us or the things we aspire to do and be! Fashion as a whole, however, is inspired by Hollywood movies above all else.

When I think of fashion and style in movies, two eras spring to mind: the gorgeously elegant ’50s and the electro-youth led ’80s.

I was looked after by my grandparents for most of my life, so the flicks of the 1950s heavily-influenced my childhood. The glitz and glam of old Hollywood really spoke to me, from the gorgeous leading ladies to their even more beautiful outfits. The big swishy dresses, the naturally wavy hair and the charming little accessories had the biggest impact of all. As I got older, I realized I could channel my inner starlet by wearing pearls with every outfit, swearing by my bobby pins, and living in heels.

My favorite actress of the time was, of course, Audrey Hepburn. She managed to be unbelievably beautiful, but somehow a normal down-to-earth woman all at the same time. And her amazing determination spoke to me almost as much as her fantastic wardrobe.

When I was  young, my Mum and Aunties were in love with ’80s musicals! To be more specific, they’d watch Dirty Dancing, Fame, and Flashdance. My cousins and I would spend afternoons dancing around and fantasizing about the amazing clothing, while our Mums were busy swooning over the likes of Swayze. And it seems we weren’t the only ones, as each year a fresh batch of slouchy tops and leggings are brought out to quell our need for “Raining Men”.

Even now, if I’m just sitting in the house writing articles, I’m undoubtedly comfiest when wearing a slouchy top, shorts, or leggings, with a hair band.

Currently the characters in movies are inspiring our style in the form of none other than Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda: the four man-eating NYC ladies who empowered women and gave us *all *major wardrobe envy. Who wouldn’t want to sip cosmos and eat cupcakes while wearing Jimmy Choos? And thanks to SJP, it’s now even acceptable to wear a tutu!

But what about you? Which movies do you think influenced *your *style?