cardiganempire Trying to update your look? Afraid of going too overboard? Shop It To Me is delighted to announce that our Trendsetter Reachel  has some pretty keen insights into how to effectively mix and match prints. Discover how to coordinate bold patterns and still look sophisticated at the same time!  Don’t forget  to check out her blog Cardigan Empire to view amazing vintage shots and gain some inspiration for your own  wardrobe.



It is reprehensible for you to wear the same blouse with the same trousers every time you retrieve them from your closet.  Let your wardrobe crossbreed. Add some diversity to your ensembles.

To truly expand your wardrobe to its maximum potential, try the advanced mix & match technique of combining prints and patterns.  Yes, you can wear multiple patterns in a single ensemble. The trick is choosing lead motifs and supporting ornamentation. Choose one Prima Donna pattern (say a large abstract floral) and allow any other players to support it subtly (ie a neutral colored pinstripe).

Another option for multiple pattern play is to refuse them immediate contact.  Wear an ikat print blouse, a dark pair of jeans, and red polka dot shoes.  Solids provide critical white space for your ensemble.  Keeping all your patterns in the same color family can add further sophistication. The more colors you introduce, the greater chance you have of looking like Carmen Miranda.

Finally, remember it doesn’t need to match, it needs to go.  Experiment with analogous color clusters, those are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (ie yellow, green, and blue).  Create some chromatic drama with complementary colors, or colors that lie opposite of each other on the color wheel (ie purple and green).

If you are still too afraid to experiment with mixing prints, try adding some zest to your wardrobe through accessories. A patterned handbag, scarf, or stocking might be your perfect entry point.

Mixing & matching allows you to have a vast set of outfitting options, providing the rush of a new ensemble without draining a dime for the fix.