Guys, if you’re trying to spice up your summer wardrobe Trendsetter That’s So Rad is certainly the right gal to take advice from. Not only does she author her own fashion blog, work at Blue Bee,  and have some seriously awesome photo editing skills, but she also knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry and will tell you exactly where to go to get this summer’s hot looks!* has also taken our favorite hot summer vacation wear and cooled them off with a 30% off Sale for both Men and Women starting Thursday July 22nd. Use special code VAC30 to apply the discount!


In the last 5 years men have become increasingly concerned with what they wear and how they wear it. Men’s fashion is taking a turn for the better and Summer 2010 for Men is more exciting than ever.

On the beach men have so many awesome board short options to choose from. Inspired by European Style, board shorts are getting shorter (such as Caulfield Preparatory’s Fitzgerald Boardie) which is more tailored creating a silhouette that is a sexier alternative for men.  For a more casual look with a lot less leg exposure try Quiksilver, Paul Smith and Warriors of Radness.

Accessories are by far one of the most important details in a man’s style. Watches, ties, and hats are the perfect way to show your personal sense of style and stand out from everyone else. G-Shock watches by Casio are back by popular demand and are worn by leading men such as Ron Browz, Asher Roth and athlete Joel Centeio.  ALSO, believe it or not men’s bracelets are becoming increasingly more popular. Miracle Icons is our most sought after men’s jewelry brand and the great thing about them is that no 2 are alike. How is that for individuality! So RAD!

Khaki shorts are one of the greatest staples in a man’s summer wardrobe but beware, baggy shorts with large cargo pockets and a long rise is NOT what is hot this summer. Look for a slimmer cut, trouser style short that hits an inch or two above the knee. Paul Smith Jeans Standard Short is our top choice that fits any man’s style and shape. Wear it with a tasteful graphic tee and a casual slim button up, or a 3/4 sleeve shirt open, and a pair of Sperry Top Siders (with no socks) and you are ready to take on the day.

This is just the beginning when it comes to men’s summer styles. I love talking to people about fashion and I have many men call to discuss what pieces are right for them. I invite you to do the same as this is the radest part of my job!

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and see where these awesome trends lead you. It is amazing how the details and items of clothing make people notice that you are a Man of Style.

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