Men's Sneaker Trends 2019

Would it be awkward to say 2019 is the year of the sneaker? It seems as if this year we've finally accepted sneakers as formal wear and it's showing via the runways, the streets, and in the boardrooms.

Men know how important heels are to woman, so we innately know how important sneakers are to men. It's okay if you have a whole wall of sneakers, some that even look so similar it's hard to tell them apart. We get you.

Whether you're a sneakerhead, a new collector, or someone who rarely buys into the sneaker trends, we're here to show you a good time:

Men's Neon Sneakers

Iridescent and in-your-face, neon is having its moment. Especially made popular by high-end streetwear brand Off-White, it seems as if everyone else is following suit.

Prada's Cloudbust sneakers come in a few different neon colors and styles, and they are meant to be worn with the intention of standing out.

Personally, we think these neon Prada sneakers look best with slim black pants and a graphic tee, when worn with a trendy black suit, or paired with black denim and a neutral colored sweater.

As foreign as a neon sneaker might seem to your style and your wardrobe, it's oddly easy to incorporate into at least one of your favorite looks.

Chunky Sneakers For Men

Overtly popular with the ladies, the chunky "dad shoe" has now reached full fandom in the men's fashion arena. Balenciaga's Triple S Sneaker arguably started this chunky soled trend, and if you're not ready to throw down big bucks on this unexpectedly expensive sneaker, don't fret— designers including Puma, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adidas have come out with their own takes on the men's chunky dad sneaker.

Sometimes plain white is all you need:

We found all of these sneakers via Shop It To Me. An online shopping site that combines your favorite brands and items from top stores, so that you can quickly browse them more conveniently. It's free to use, free to sign-up, and it's worth the hype.

Vans Revival

What's old is new again with Vans. Today we see the skateboard street sneaker worn with almost anything.

Coming in a variety of color patterns, solids, hi-tops, slip-ons, etc. (not to mention their very accessible price point) we suggest buying 2 or 3 different pairs of Vans to switch up your look.

We wear ours with jeans, khakis, shorts, to the beach, to the office (casual Fridays), and just around the house.

Men's Sock Sneakers

The sock sneaker's name says it all. Sneakers so comfortable they feel like you're only wearing a sock. Diesel, Reebok, Balenciaga, Fendi, Nike — we found tons of men's sock sneakers on Shop It To Me.

Snockers, can we call them this?, are sleek sneaks, that can be worn with any outfit. Because they are normally non chunky and conform to your foot, they produce a seamless look (almost like a dress shoe looking head on).

Knitted sock sneakers can also be edgy, they pair great with monochromatic outfits, and right now we are into these ultra modern Diesel sock sneakers:


Everyone's already familiar with Converse hi-tops, but have you heard of a little brand called Golden Goose? Purposely distressed and expertly (we're serious) made to look worn-in, these shoes are about as funky as it gets.

Coming in numerous hi-top versions, this slide version is our favorite pair:

Cashing In On The Trend

If we've learned anything over the years, it's to stick to your authentic style, and take each trend with a grain of salt. Make the trends your own. If you like, wear it. There are no rules.

Go big or go small, but do cash in on the men's sneaker trend and ride the wave for as long as they are considered cool enough to wear to the office. We recently wrote articles on How To Clean White Shoes and How To Clean Suede Boots, so if you're a sneakerhead these cleaning tactics can also apply to your sneakers.

Keep checking back here for our Inside Scoop into all things trending.