At Shop It To Me, we love making shopping convenient. Our whole mission is to be your personal assistant for shopping. In our office, everyone is obsessed with being the first to share a new app, site or service that saves time and makes life easier.

So, to help you counter the impending loss of a precious hour this Sunday, we’re sharing some of our current faves for getting more from your 24 along with tid-bits on why these melt our butter. Though this weekend breezes by at a faster clip–put these tools to work and uncover more time to enjoy spring fever.


Uber –Request a car from any mobile phone. Within minutes, a professional driver in a sleek black car arrives curbside. It’s like having E-Z pass for a car service while everyone else is scrambling during a taxi shift change.

TaskRabbit — Our office manager is obsessed with TaskRabbit, the site she uses to find local service providers who can handle our HQ’s time-sucking tasks like post office runs, supply deliveries and the like.

NextBus — The women in our San Francisco marketing and biz-dev departments love this for optimizing their commute time, as does our CEO. Check the app and know exactly when the next bus is expected to arrive and leave your home or office at the exact right moment.

Seamless — Our marketing VP orders in her favorite neighborhood Thai and Indian food at least once a week from Seamless. She loves how it stores your favorite restaurants and items you’ve ordered so you can re-order those go-tos with one easy click.

Nutshell Mail — An across the board fave. A few times a day we get a summary from Nutshell Mail that shows everything happening in our Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn streams. Saves us the time of visiting the sites individually.

Baby-Connect — If you have a baby, love data and are a bit anal–this is nirvana (we’re calling out our CEO on this one!). A simple app that helps you stay on top of your baby’s daily routine (diaper changes, food consumed, naps taken) and development.

BluePrintCleanse — They think, you drink! Enough said.

Kiwi Crate — If you’re a parent, aunt/uncle or caregiver for a 4-8 year old, this is the bee’s knees. Each month a new hands on project arrives. You get the time to do something creativity-inspiring with your little one vs. wandering Michaels for something curiosity-provoking to do. Ever since a few of our Engineers who have young kids got wind of this, their curiousity has been piqued!

Exit Strategy NYC — Our marketing VP’s favorite iPhone app. Tell it which subway station you’re getting out at, and it will tell you which car to be in to be in the optimal place to be near the exit staircase. Total NYC time-saver when running between meetings.