Levi's Wants to Give Your Curves a Hug

Here at Shop It To Me, it’s our goal to show you exactly the brands and sizes that matter to you, so you don’t have to waste time on all the rest. Naturally, when we heard about Levi’s Curve ID, providing you with perfectly-fitting jeans for your specific body type, we felt it was right in our wheelhouse.
Last week we had a chance to check out these jeans in person and hear the story behind the line.

Ever had trouble finding the right fit? Umm, yes. Us too. Through their research, the Levi’s team discovered most jeans are made to fit only one shape — those who are evenly proportioned from their waist to thighs. But only 50% of women actually fit this profile, leaving the other 50% with muffin top, saggy-looking rear ends, and serious denim angst.

Levi’s created their new line as an alternative. Take the body shape quiz online to find out whether you’re a slight, demi or bold curve. Once you’ve determined your “Curve ID”, you can choose whatever style you’d prefer — skinny, straight leg, or whatever flatters your body best.

We had the chance to try these jeans ourselves, and we must say — they made our derrieres proud.

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