I**n a time wheWorkchicre casual work-wear is not only for Fridays, it’s important to remember that looking professional can be a key to success. Overdressed is still better than under-dressed, especially when it comes to impressing your boss! WorkChic is here to share a few tips on how to look fashionably sharp, and what styles are best for you. Be sure to check out their blog for outfit suggestions, fit guidelines, and tips and tricks on how to look professional, feminine, and chic.

Many of us no longer need to wear suits or even blazers into the office. There are times when a more professional image is important. For instant when meeting a new client or pitching a big idea. Hopefully these meetings are planned and you have a chic go to outfit. What happens when a last minute meeting pops up? The CEO wants an update on your latest project, but your everyday business casual just doesn’t feel right. You want to command a presence in this meeting. If you had a go to blazer hanging in your office, you’d be all set! We’re not talking about keeping any old blazer around, but one that fits your body and will look chic with many different outfits. Here’s what we recommend:


While black may seem like an obvious choice, we would recommend selecting a style in stone or khaki. These shades can go with black, navy, brown, and many others making it much more versatile then black. The styles we selected above are ideal because they stop at the hip. A one button blazer is better for small and petite frames. While the second style has a higher stance and princess seams for curvier silhouettes.


Charcoal would be our second choice and is more universal this time of year. This can be a matte color like the 2 button version on the left, or a softer heather charcoal grey or melange wool. The three button style has a flattering shawl collar that will allow you to showcase your blouse underneath.

If you tend to wear a lot of black, then that is the shade you should buy. Otherwise stick to a tan, stone, or charcoal option to get the most use out of this item. Take advantage of the holiday sales and make sure you get your wardrobe ready for the unexpected. Pick up a go-to blazer today!