This week I got my second November J. Crew catalogue. The clothing and accessories were great – I already can’t wait for some of the statement necklaces to pop up in my Salemail in the coming weeks. But I’m a little weirded out by some of the photo choices. Here are a couple pages from the first November catalogue :

What happened to the children? Are they angry? Are they hungry? Are they even children? Maybe they’re shrunken adults. I’m pretty sure the one with the cute bob lived down the hall from me in college. The blonde one with the belt could easily be my friend’s mom.

Now look at these shots from the second November catalogue.

I get the feeling the stylist is not the outdoorsy type. The bejeweled bracelet and high-heel “party peeps” are lovely, but I can’t say I’d wear them hiking in the mountains of France. No, this page doesn’t make much sense, but perhaps it doesn’t matter. I still totally want those shoes in brown.