We recently awarded $50 to Banana Republic for a great story about Shop It To Me.

Anne from Saint Paul, Minnesota was the lucky winner! Here’s what she had to say:

“…I have a serious health problem that prevents me from going out to shop most of the time. Before using salemail I sent my colorblind husband out to the stores but that did not work well. He came home with overpriced, out of date clothes. So I turned to the vast and confusing Internet. I found things but paid too much or purchased things from a less than reputable store and ended up with junk. All of this changed when I found salemail.

Not only does salemail have all of the brands and stores I love, it brings me an enormous selection of wonderful clothing in my size and at my price! I depend on salemail for almost all of my fashion needs. It’s a wonderful service and I tell everyone who likes fashion about it. Salemail is not only my personal shopper, it saves me money, finds everything I need…I’d be in a burlap sack without salemail!”

Anne — we wish you good luck shopping!