How To Do Tie Dye Chic

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you've seen more than your fair share of tie dye sweatshirts con matching sweatpants while scrolling through your feed.

Designer clothing website Shop It To Me told you first, Tie Dye is a trend that keeps on giving.

Anyway, this isn't another post referencing tie dye sweats or where to buy them, but rather we're here to point you in the direction of ELEVATED TIE DYED CHICNESS rather than cozy tie dye loungewear (which we're not condemning, we just figure you can find those kind of posts elsewhere, ahem, everywhere).

Keep reading to find super chic tie dye outfits that rival Instagram's latest trend.

Chic Tie Dye Outfit #1

THIS is how you incorporate the tie dye trend into your work wardrobe correctly.

Style Nanushka's stunning tie dye shirt this Fall tucked in under a full on work suit or rock it with baggy denim shorts and gladiator sandals this Summer.

Chic Tie Dye Outfit #2

Retrofete has become a brand synonymous with "going out" attire. Slinky, sexy, and 95% silk, Retrofete's black and white tie dyed cami is the perfect date night, or girl's night out, top.

Pair this silk cami with blue denim, white denim, or any sort of black bottom.

Chic Tie Dye Outfit #3

Because sometimes you just want to dress like a lady. Praised for its tie dye prints, Proenza Schouler nails it with this stunning pleated tie dye dress, playing with proportions and texture, all while remaining so classic and simple. Hey, you get what you pay for!

Wear this Proenza midi dress with casual white sneakers or heels— your call.

Chic Tie Dye Shoes

We love a hint of tie dye on the toes. Of course, don't wear your tie dye shoes with your other tie dye garments simultaneously, because there is too much of a good thing.

Cult favorite sneaker brand Golden Goose hits the spot with this pair of platform sneakers, complete with a glittered heel and tie dye running throughout the laces. Golden Goose's sneakers are those sneakers that go with everything, so go ahead and mix and match because these will complement any outfit.

A stark contrast from the above tie dye shoes are these sleek tie dyed Jimmy Choo pumps. Again, we love a pop of tie dye on the feet with an otherwise monochromatic look.

IE: wear these designer tie dyed heels with any solid colored dress, a black work suit, a black mini, etc!

Chic Tie Dye Handbags

Who knew tie dye could be so fashionable? Versace of course.

Leave it to Versace to make a bold but elegant tie dye statement with this gorgeous pink and white bag, featuring yellow gold hardware. This Versace tie dye bag is sure to elevate any look.

Like the first tie dyed shirt in this post, Nanushka created a matching handbag, seen below. This chic top handle can replace any neutral colored bag in your closet.

Chic Tie Dye Accessories

Again, yes tie dye can be expensive and chic, it's not just associated with oversized tees and sweats.

Paco Rabanne knows luxury, and the brand turned out with this silver & purple gradient tie dyed pouch necklace. Fashion-forward and a sight for sore eyes, this mesh statement necklace is one to treasure forever.

What's crazier than a tie dyed chain mail mesh necklace? A ruched tie dyed headband! Padded headbands are making a comeback this SS20 season and this sweet ruched headband by Loeffler Randall is no exception. Wear this with your favorite bohemian outfits or with jeans and a white tee.

The 2020 Tie Dye Trend Done Right

When you usually think of tie dye you're probably thinking: juvenile, funky, casual, obnoxious, etc. But did you enjoy this article? Tie Dye can definitely be youthful and exciting, but it can also be demure and sleek.

Shop It To Me, being a designer clothing sale connoisseur website and app, always aims to open your eyes to trends that you might not initially think are for you, but it's always good to try something new!

Take baby steps or plunge right in, the tie dye trend is a perennial trend that only gets better with time.