Tiffany f24karatstylerom 24Karat Style is here to show you how to spice up your winter look by combining items you already own! It’s time to pull out those dresses, tights, and boots.  Be sure to check Tiffany’s site – a full service personal wardrobe styling company providing unique and customized styling experiences along with a fun and informative fashion blog.

It’s that time in the season, where you are out “supposedly” shopping for others, and you start to feel like you need everything you see! “But I have no clothes…” seems to be a statement I hear all the time, but with all the Salemail you receive I find that hard to believe. All you need to do is pair together pieces of your wardrobe differently to make them fresh and exciting.

One of the easiest categories is dresses. Most of us wear dresses on a regular basis. Although there is a chill or perhaps a dead on freeze in the air if you are in the northeast like me, a dress makes a great base for a winter ensemble when paired with boots. The possibilities are simply endless when you throw some great hosiery into the mix!


The way to achieve this look without looking like a novice is making sure your dress and boots balance each other. If your dress is simple (as in basic color, uncomplicated silhouette and little to no embellishments) like in this first photo- then you have the opportunity to bring it to life with a more interesting pair of boots like these military inspired ones. Complete this look with a little bit of color from your leg wear and a cozy sweater if your dress doesn’t have any sleeves.


Flat boots are one of my favorite ways to feel comfortable and yet, still look polished and put together. There are a lot of great over the knee boots out right now as well as some pretty wild flat printed boots. Don’t be intimidated by the different patterns, textures and colors because they are the perfect compliment to your basic little black dress! When working with color and pattern make sure you repeat one color throughout your outfit so things stay cohesive such as the repetition of black in this look.


Put your pumps to the side and breathe some life into your party dresses by working a pair of edgy ankle booties into your look. No matter what style party dress you are working with, if it has some sass then booties are the way to go. A simple but chic bootie in an aged suede or a patent leather gives your style a modern attitude while still being playful, which is what we all want from a party dress… isn’t it?!

Now open your eyes and see what your wardrobe truly has to offer! Mix and match, think outside the norm and emerge a new woman with an abundance of style.