Hailey Bieber, formally known as Hailey Baldwin before getting hitched to one of the hottest pop stars of all time— Justin Bieber, has quickly gained popularity for her effortless 90's style.

We've always been fans of the 90's aesthetic (and into the early aughts), and Hailey Bieber wears it all too well. She's propelled herself to total "it" girl status, and there are countless Instagram fangirl pages dedicated solely to her outfits.

Over here at Shop It To Me, we've been obsessing over Hailey's style for quite a while now, so naturally we needed to conjure up a blog post on How To Dress Like Hailey Bieber.

Without further ado, here are Hailey's top looks and how to recreate them / make them suitable to your own personal style preferences.

Sleek & Sexy

Floor-length and body-hugging slinky black dresses filled up the fashion bubble of the 90's, and Hailey Bieber wears her YSL cut-out maxi dress as if it was made for her specifically. That's the essence of 90's dressing, everything looks good on everyone. The garments are simple, well tailored, and universally flattering; nothing weird or overly contrived about them.

Check out these black jersey dresses from sale shopping app, Shop It To Me, exuding total 90's supermodel vibes:

Yellow, but make it Glamorous

Leave it to Hailey to make yellow look high-fashion fabulous. But in reality, we actually see yellow as a vibrant color that suits every skin tone— kind of like a cherry apple red. Vivid yellow looks just as glorious on porcelain skin, as it does paired against deep darker tones. Basically, it's a pop of color that all women can and should get down with or at least try once.

Check out these yellow hued garments, perfect for 90's style dressing in today's modern world:

Every 90's girl needs a LBD

The epitome of dresses in the 90's was the lbd aka the little black dress. Most of the lbd's we remember came with ultra thin spaghetti straps, but of course there were also other styles to choose from. And because this post is about making Mrs. Bieber's style all your own, of course you don't need to worry about something as silly as the straps on your little black dress.

Have a best fashion moment in these 90's inspired dresses:

Pretty in Print

Again, everything looks as if it were made literally with Justin's wife in mind, so yeah, we're fangirling hard right now. The way Hailey rocks these colored printed pants and silky crop top is giving us the feels!

Off to find Hailey Bieber fashion inspiration from these 90's influenced outfits:

Oversized and Fabulous

Oversized blazers and baggy denim were a thing in the 90's, and Hailey recreates the vibe to make it all her own in 2021. We love the oversized blazer look and we love it paired with jean shorts even more!

Check out these pieces that embody 90's fashion with a focus on fashion-forwardness:

The 90's called 📞... because texting wasn't yet a thing 🤣

Hailey's obsession with 90's dressing has now turned into our obsession! There's something to be said about feeling nostalgic, and if we can recreate that warm fuzzy feeling of a simpler time with our clothing— so be it!

Hailey's style seems so personal, because she's always cautious of how things work on and for her body. Our best advice is to do the same. Choose pieces based on how they will look when worn on you, not when worn on the model. Models always look "perfect" and that's not real life!

Always tweak your outfits to fit your mood/needs and if it looks good, wear it! Fashion has no rules and that's what makes it so thrilling. You can go full on romantic goth one day and minimalistic 90's casual the next. Do you!