Welcome to the start of a series of blogs that we decided to create here at Shop It To Me to really help our customers and readers work out how to shop for their body shape. Shopping better and having more style very much comes down to the fit and silhouettes of the clothing that we buy. But how do we really know what fits and suits us best when we’re all different shapes and sizes?

It’s tricky. But not impossible.

We created a blog post for you a while back called How To Dress For Your Body Shape. This series of blogs will take those ideas and delve a little deeper into each of the body types, looking more closely at what to be looking for, how to accentuate your shape, and, basically, what to buy.

So, let’s dive in!

We’re kicking off with a look at how to dress a pear shape body. If you’re a rectangle or apple, bear with us, we’ll be back soon with a blog post just for you! And if you’re not quite sure still, stick with this one and we’ll be looking into that a little bit more right now.

How to Know What Your Body Type Is

In general, we talk about five body shapes when it comes to women. Whether you fall into the pear, apple, rectangle, triangle or hourglass body type comes down to the relative proportions of your figure.

One body shape is no better than another, it’s just great to visualize where your shape falls into to help you to shop for fashion that really suits you and fits properly.

If you’re starting from scratch when it comes to defining your shape, grab a tape measure and concentrate on your shoulder, waist, bust and hip measurements. You can read in lots more detail about measuring yourself to define your body shape with the help of Who What Wear, but here, we’ll make it really simple.

·     If your shoulders measure wider than your hips, you’re likely to be a triangle.

·     If your hips measure larger than your shoulders, you’re likely to be a pear.

·     If your shoulders and hips are very similar and your waist is smaller, you’re likely to be an hourglass.

·     If your waist is larger or the same as your bust and your shoulders and hips are smaller, you’re likely to be an apple.

·     If all your measurements are fairly similar with no real difference between waist and hips, you’re likely to be a rectangle.

Once you’ve measured yourself and have an idea of the general body shape your figure falls into, you can move on to find out exactly what this means and what will suit you best.

Am I A Pear Shape?

Think you might have a pear shape figure? If you’ve noticed that your hips and booty are particularly curvaceous but you definitely have some shape and definition at the waist, it sounds like you’re a pear shape.

Pear shape figures usually have particularly narrow shoulders and often a smaller bust, which can make you feel a little bottom-heavy. Unless you wear just the right shapes!

Top Tips for How to Dress a Pear Shape Figure

So, you’re pretty sure you’re a pear shape. But what next? Let’s take a look at our top shopping tips for how to dress a pear shape and what you should be looking out for.

Jazzy Tops Are Your Friend

Dressing for a pear shape is all about finding the right balance when it comes to your style picks. Where you have a smaller top half and curvier hips and thighs, you can add some balance to your shape by focusing on detail for your tops.

Whether you’re looking at extra detailing, prints, embellishments, or anything else, tops with a little extra something will draw attention to your smaller top half and offer that ideal balance.

A High Waist Gives You Everything You Need

Pear shapes look amazing in anything with a high waist. Not only do high fitted waists cinch in your smaller waist and accentuate your top half but they also skim beautifully over the hips and thighs.

Finding the right shapes for a pear body isn’t about hiding away your curves. Instead, it’s about finding pieces that accentuate certain parts of your body to compliment your figure as a whole. So, there’s no need to shop with the mindset of hiding away your booty or thighs. Rather, compliment them with clothing that really fits your shape.

High waists come in many forms. From one of this season’s biggest trends, midi skirts to opting for high waist tailored trousers and jeans, rather than a low-slung waistline, anything that cinches your waist and skims the hips will flatter your shape.

When it comes to finding pieces that fit you perfectly, opt for tailored styles rather than simply tight. This will give you a polished and stylish look that lasts from season to season.

Choose the Right Neckline

Necklines can be more important than you even imagine. Have you ever really considered which necklines suit you the best? For pear shapes, anything minimizing, such as a roll neck, will make your top half look even smaller and therefore, emphasize that your bottom half is slightly bigger. Wider necklines and plunging necklines highlight the bust in a chic way and widen the shoulders, helping to create balance from top to bottom.

Find the Perfect Tailored Blazer

Blazers are essential for a modern stylish closet. Our capsule wardrobe blog even detailed a blazer as one of the most important pieces in a smaller, more curated wardrobe.

So, everyone needs to find the perfect one for them.

When looking for a chic blazer that perfectly suits a pear shape figure, structure is key so opt for structured, tailored shoulders (contemporary shoulder pads are now your friend) and get the length just right. You don’t want the blazer to cut you off right at the biggest part of your booty. So, try a longline blazer that falls to mid-thigh. You’ll soon be wearing it with everything from workwear to your favorite jeans and sneakers. Just wait.

Focus on The Waist

We’ve talked about choosing high waist pieces but focusing on the waist also comes down to tops, dresses, and jackets. Anything waisted, belted or wrapped is going to work beautifully for a pear shape, adding to the femininity of your shape and creating versatile looks that work perfectly from day to night and work to weekend.

Belted jackets and blazers are huge right now and they’re the perfect choice to cinch the waist and add a little extra structure to your top half.

Give Yourself the Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses suit pear shape figures so much because it accentuates the smallest part of your figure and allows you to show a little bit of skin in a chic and modest way.

Dainty shoulder straps with cold shoulder details or complete Bardot styles are the perfect choice for a casual weekend or even more dressy look that is sure to flatter.

Key Pieces for A Pear Shape Wardrobe

Having gone through our top tips, we’ve picked out a few key examples of pieces that are perfect for a pear shape’s closet. All chosen from the designer sales on Shop It To Me, every item is not only ideal for a pear shape figure but also features a dramatically reduced price tag to give you the best pieces of fashion at the very best price possible.

·      Detailed tops

·     Pleated high waist skirts

·     High waist wide leg trousers

·     Plunging tops and dresses

·     Longline blazers

·     Belted tops and jackets

Pear shapes are sexy, curvaceous and feminine. Just ask J.Lo! So, if you’ve been thinking that you’re a pear and that you need to hide away your shape, we hope you now see that this isn’t true.

Finding your own style comes from trial and error and discovering the perfect silhouettes that compliment and accentuate your shape in all the right ways. Next time you’re shopping on Shop It To Me for designer sales and deals, remember to shop with your body shape in mind and you’ll find pieces that you’ll love for seasons to come. Also, remember to keep an eye on the Shop It To Me Blog for continued style and fashion articles, as well as updates on all things designer sale shopping.