As we head into the season of cooler weather, cashmere remains a favorite choice for so many of us. It’s luxurious, super soft and beautifully warm and cozy. And as one of fluffiest types of knit, it promises never to get itchy.

BUT cashmere can be pricey and that’s because of its quality. So, if you’re investing in a gorgeous cashmere sweater or piece of knitwear this season, it’s super handy to know how to properly care for it to make sure you look after the quality of the knit and make sure it lasts as long as possible in your wardrobe.

Here are some of our top tips for caring for your cashmere pieces to give them the best chance of staying new.

Stop Getting Them Dry Cleaned

We sound crazy, right? Actually, cashmere experts around the world are now saying even if your care label specifically says dry clean only, it’s still better to very delicately hand wash your items yourself and avoid the cleaners. Dry cleaning will break and damage the fibers over time, giving your item a shorter life span.

In a basin or your bath, add the item to cold water and a very small amount of gentle detergent or even baby shampoo. If you want something very specific, search for cashmere wash and you’ll find a product that promises to do the trick. It’s very important not to use hot water as this will shrink the wool almost instantly, leaving you with a brand-new cozy knit for your Chihuahua but not so much for you. And leave to soak for around 30 minutes. If you’d rather use your machine, place the garment into a mesh bag and wash on a gentle and cold, hand-wash cycle.

Remove the garment and place it straight onto a towel without squeezing or ringing. Wrap it entirely in the towel and just gently start to press the water out of the fabric so as not to stretch or distort the shape of the sweater. Once you’ve got rid of the immediate water, lie flat on a fresh, dry towel and move into shape. Leave to naturally dry flat. Never ever risk the tumble dryer.

Wear It with Layers

It’s always tempting to shove something straight in the wash after one wear so that it feels brand-new to you everytime you choose to wear it. However, the fewer times you wash your clothing, the better you’re protecting it. Try to avoid washing after every wear and to keep it fresh, wear it with a base garment (even just a tank top).

Store in Zipped Garments Bags to Avoid Moths

Storing your cashmere can be just as important as washing it. Not only do you need to avoid your knits rubbing up against anything that might cause pilling or other damage but you also need to avoid the dreaded enemy of all things knit – moths. For some reason, moths are really into our cashmere and the more expensive and fancy, the more they love it.

Avoid moth holes in your favorite new sweater by getting serious about storage. Order some zipped garment bags on Amazon to keep your best cashmere pieces tightly secure away from the rest of the air in the room. It’s also best to fold them into these bags to avoid stretching the wool on hangers and placing them into a tightly closing drawer with zero gaps to be doubly sure that any moths cannot get to them.

If you’re really worried about moths (especially if you live in NYC where they seem to be worse than anywhere!) add some anti-moth strips, cedar balls or hanging tags to your closet for some added protection.

Keep on Top of Pills

When it comes to any kind of knitwear, pills tend to just happen. Around the underarm, shoulder and hips, they can be even worse due to the rubbing that happens with general wear and if left unattended they can soon become unsightly and render your item unwearable.

Keep on top of any pills that pop up on the regular with the use of a super handy fabric shaver, a device created for exactly this purpose. Have a quick look on Amazon and you’ll find plenty of options around and under $30 and save all your knitwear quickly and so easily. Your new battery-powered friend gently shaves over the top surface of your fabric removing fuzz, lint, and pills to leave it looking brand new. Great idea, right?

Go for The Full Package

If you love to buy cashmere and you invest in the best, it’s totally worth investing just a touch more to make sure it stays beautiful for as long as possible. There are several brands that go for it when it comes to cashmere care and N.Peal is one of them. From ceder balls that ward off unwanted clothes moths to cashmere wash and spray products and even storage bags, this brand is a go-to for all things cashmere care. Plus, the packaging is to die for.

Whatever your style and look, cashmere is a beautiful choice when it comes to your winter wardrobe. Keep it classic and sleek in camel hues or staples black or add a pop of color to your collection with bold green or fuchsia pink for a touch of the trends. Most importantly, take care of your cashmere with these simple day to day tips and you’ll be wearing it for years.

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