The subject “Heidi Klum gets wrapped up in our cashmere” caught my eye when glancing through the multitiude of retailer emails I receive daily.  I took a closer look, and it was from none other than, featuring Heidi Klum as the model.

Heidi Klum email

I was stunned to see Heidi, the diva I watch weekly on Project Runway, appearing in Ann Taylor ads.  I knew the brand had taken a few steps forward with their fall campaign (and styles!), but was surprised to see Heidi’s face under the Ann Taylor label.  I will say that the modernity that AT introduced this past season led me to edit my Shop It To me preferences, and add Ann Taylor to my Salemail!  And now — this!

I was even more delighted to see that got behind the scenes with Heidi and had some additional photos from the shoot.  Shot amidst baubles, cashmere, and a festive atmophere, Heidi is said to have shopped the shoot’s accessories wall for gifts for her loved ones.

heidi klum in style

What do you think about the Heidi Klum/Ann Taylor match-up?