Glasses for Style, Not Sight

Last week I met someone at a party who was wearing glasses that complemented his face perfectly. He told me they had clear lenses, no prescription. He had perfect vision but wore them as a fashion accessory.

No doubt a great pair of glasses can make some people look more trendy and sophisticated. However, naysayers find clear lenses a strange development, especially since people who need glasses often find them annoying to wear, unflattering, and expensive.

But for those who wear glasses purely for fashion, frames can be quite affordable. They are fairly common now since the “geeky glasses” phenomenon hit the runway back in Fall 2008, and because glasses are an accessory of choice for a lot of celebs these days.

Looking for a pair of prescription-less glasses of your own? Teen stores like Claire’s have been selling clear glasses for years, but they’re also available at a lot of stores aimed at adults. Urban Outfitters has a great selection, as does Bleu Dame. Many eyeglass stores carry them too. Just let the sales clerk know you’re looking for clear plastic or glass lenses and most can make you a pair with no prescription. They’re an easy way to update your look, and inexpensive as long as you don’t actually need them to correct your vision.