Was one of your New Years resolutions to get more glam this year? There’s no better way than with bright red lips. Nubia from Nubia’s Nonsense is here to help you master this timeless look. Be sure to check out her blog covering personal style, trends, articles, beauty and DIY projects.

The New Year is here, time to look glitzy and glamorous for all those winter parties!

When determining your makeup, an important thing to know is what outfit you are wearing.

My main recommendation is RED LIPS. Not only do they make your teeth look whiter, but they scream glamorous. Think Marilyn Monroe – Red is a classic in my eyes.

For a celebration I would recommend red lips with either smoky eyes or neutral colors. Below are a few steps for earth tone colors I used with red lips.

  • The first thing I did was try to even out my skin with my Bare Minerals concealer.
  • Secondly I applied a layer of white eye shadow on both lids. This also works as a highlighter (Physicians Formula)
  • Third I started to add a brown around the outer end of my lid. The key is to try to blend nicely.
  • My fourth step was applying my pencil eye liner (Physicians Formula)
  • My fifth step was using my L’Oreal liquid eye liner to create a cat eye. The trick to this is to be confident and have a steady hand. Slightly go upward at the end of your eye. I also applied my L’Oreal Mascara.
  • My 6th step was to apply some my Bare Minerals blush lightly on my upper cheek bone.
  • My 7th step was to apply a bit of MAC brow set on my eyebrows. I prefer this over a pencil you just brush it through your brow hair.
  • Lastly I applied my red lip gloss. If you have small lips to make them look plumper you can apply a lip liner before applying the lipstick or gloss. (N.Y.C)

*If you don’t wear red lips and prefer a lighter gloss, add glittery eye shadow for a plumper look

Then tah dah! You should be looking pretty fabulous at this point. You can go even more neutral with the red lips.

I wish you all a marvelous New Year!