Picking out a stylish outfit can be a daunting – so many things to think about! No need to fret, though, our Trendsetter Chaucee is here to walk us through the process and offer a few tips on getting ready. Be sure to check out Streets & Stripes – a fashion blog following two Philadelphia friends and their evolving style on a student’s budget.

Every day my prerogative for putting together an outfit varies.  Some days I start with the weather.  Is it hot?  Is it cold?  And some days I start with what is planned for the day (for example, as a general rule I don’t wear wedges when I go for a hike).  But I always make sure that whatever I’m wearing is something that expresses who I am at that moment and how I’m feeling.

However there are a few guidelines that I follow when getting dressed and hopefully they will be a help to you too.

  1. Maximize each piece – Just because a dress is a dress doesn’t mean it’s limited to that.  Lately I’ve come to wear one dress underneath a shorter one to give it some length and to play with the colors and patterns.  Sometimes I even fold down the top of a dress, slap a belt over it to keep it up, and wear it as a skirt.  *Really *try to think outside of the box when it comes to each garment.  A dress doesn’t always have to be a dress, and neither does a skirt.

  2. Choose A Focus – If you have a pair of shoes that make a statement, don’t make it compete with the rest of your outfit.  If you have too many colors, patterns, and textures going on, things will get distracting and confusing.  Keep it simple when you’re wearing a statement piece by choosing to focus on it and letting the rest of your outfit compliment it while not overwhelming it.

  3. **Don’t be too matchy **– My style is all about contrast — contrasting colors and contrasting patterns just make me smile and feel more unique and individual.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people match the color of their t-shirts to the color of their Old Navy flip flops.  Ladies….switch things up!

So remember, it doesn’t matter how you start to build an outfit, or what piece you choose to work from, just remember these simple guidelines and stay true too your own individual style and you’ll be sure to look great.