**Another great guest post from one of our Trendsetters, Truly Madly Deeply…  this time about Project Runway! **


My name is Aharon Hill, and until about 4 months ago when I took a leap of faith, I was an attorney (= miserable!), plotting my escape into a fulfilling creative career.  Now I own my own jewelry business, Kaleo Designs, which I am currently expanding to include my photography services as well.  Oh yeah… and I post daily on my blog, Truly Madly Deeply, about fashion, interior design and other pretty things….

If you’re anything like me, Bravo’s hit fashion designer reality show, Project Runway, inspires you to dust off your old sewing machine and get to work!  But short of that, how can the rest of us rookies get the designer looks debuted by finalists, Kenley, Korto and Leanne, without spending a fortune? Well, I may just have a few leads.  (Left side is the Project Runway look, Right side has the look for less with links below!)

  1. For her Bryant Park debut, **Kenley **served up style circa 1950, with a modern twist.  **
    *You too can have Kenley’s trademark retro look by investing in the looks to the right of Kenley’s runway fashions: ***A.Anthropologie, $268. B. La Monir, $390.C. Stephanie James (price unavailable). D. SZ Style by Shez, RM89 (price unavailable).

  2. **Korto **concocted a spirited, yet tailored, couture ensemble, with a sprinkle of ethnic flair, compliments of her Liberian roots.  **
    Get Korto’s vibe by investing in the looks to the right of Korto’s runway fashions:A. BCBG, $358. B. Good Orient, $163.98. C.BCBG(price unavailable).
    D.ASOS, E30.00

  3. Leanne, who rarely failed to please the judges in the second half of the season, created a collection inspired by waves, and unified by her use of architecturally constructed petals in blue, creme and beige fabrics.  **
    Get Leanne’s winning look by investing in the looks to right of Leanne’s runway fashions: A. Ombre, $124. B. Jessica McClintock, $196. C. BCBG, $290.D. Tadashi, $268 E. BCBG, $208

My take on the finalists?  Well… even though I loved Kenley’s old-school aesthetic and Korto’s ethnic vibe, the judges definitely got it right when they picked Leanne’s brilliantly constructed collection as the runway favorite.  Her innovation far surpassed the other finalists, and her collection was positively flawless.  But I must admit that I’d personally rather wear Korto’s looks for a night on the town, and I loved Kenley’s wedding dress so much that it made me want to renew my vows!