Freezing Fingers -- Fear No More!

It’s absolutely freezing in much of the country right now.  And although here in San Francisco, it’s an amazingly beautiful and sunny day and we don’t need to wear gloves/mittens, I have sympathy and empathy toward those who need this extra coverage as they brave the cold.

But all too often, gloves make things challenging!  Check out these solutions that make life a little easier when you’re all woolied up:

**Challenge: Holding hands. **

**Solution: Smittens! **

These are from Restoration Hardware, and in true Shop It To Me style, are even on SALE right now — only $25!  What a great gift.


**Challenge:  Text messaging or making phone calls. **

Solution: The text-friendly glove!

Here are a few varieties – the first which was made known to us from Trendsetter Flypaper, and the second is available at starting at only $10/pair!  They are specifically designed to not scratch a touchscreen of an iphone/etc.  Very cool.



Hope these great finds bring you ease and comfort in the chilly months ahead!