The Bachelorette is one of our not-so-secret obsessions, and after this week’s finale part 1, we can hardly wait to see what Monday’s grand finale has in store. We had the pleasure of chatting with former Bachelor/Bachelorette alums Molly Mesnick,  Ashley Rosenbaum and Trista Sutter about their predictions for this season, what they’d wear to a finale viewing party, and other juicy deets from their time on the show.

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The Bachelorette Finale Viewing Party Picks

Molly’s viewing party picks

Ashley’s viewing party picks

Trista’s viewing party picks

What are your viewing plans for this Bachelorette finale?

Trista: I wish I could make it to a fun finale party, but for this mama, it’s all about getting the kiddos to bed early (hopefully after a tiring day at summer camp!) so that I can cozy up and live tweet with Bachelor Nation!

When you were a contestant, how did you choose what to wear to the finale?

Molly: The show stylist actually brings a room full of dresses for you to try and you get to pick what you’d like to wear!  It’s the ONLY dress they provide for contestants.  Everything else is our own.  I chose a purple Marc Bouwer dress.  I probably wouldn’t choose the same one today, as my style has dramatically evolved, but at the time, I loved how flowy it was!

***Ashley: ****When I was on the Bachelorette, I fell in love with Randi Rahm’s designs. Out of racks and racks of clothing, her dresses seemed to always catch my eye! They fit my petite body type like a glove, so I knew I wanted to wear as much Randi Rahm as I could pack into one season! I wore her beaded dresses for the season premiere, two of my most important one-on-one dates, AND the finale.  I loved her so much, she even designed and custom-made my wedding dress! *

What were your go-to brands during your season? Now?

***Trista: *Oh wow.  If only I had a memory!!  My look back then was more about looking professional and career classy and included brands like Theory and Chanel.  My go-to brands now are pretty much about comfort and being active, including Splendid, Hudson jeans, and Athleta.

Molly: When I was on the show, I was a budget girl.  I loved getting dresses from Express and H&M.  Now, I’d say I have a bit more of a refined taste in clothing.  I love Tibi, Haute Hippie, and Elizabeth & James.

Ashley: Some of my go-to brands on my season were Equipment, Alice & Olivia, Haute Hippie, Foley + Corinna, Helmut Lang, Elizabeth and James, and Paige Denim.  They are still my favorites now! I’m also currently obsessed with anything Ted Baker.

What’s your biggest outfit regret from your Bachelorette season?

Trista: I don’t think we have enough time or space for that answer. If only I could go back in time and have Shop It To Me on my side!!

**Given this week’s turn of events, do you think Desiree will pick one of the remaining suitors or leave single?

Molly: I seem to think we haven’t seen the last of Brooks.  I think he’ll realize he made a mistake and will ask for a second chance…much like another Bachelor couple I know ;)

**Sound off — which was your fave: **

****Experience: fantasy suite, hometown visits, or introducing the guys to your fam?

  • Molly: Fantasy suite, and not for the reasons you think. It’s the only real time you have away from the cameras and producers.  It’s just you and the Bachelor/Bachelorette, so you can really talk about normal things and get to know each other better.
  • *****Ashley: *****Fave was definitely hometown dates!

On-air wardrobe: glammed up in a cocktail dress, casual jeans look, or bathing suit beachwear?

  • Molly: Glammed up in a cocktail dress!  Who doesn’t love getting all dolled up!  You can wear casual clothes any day of the week, but having an excuse to throw on a ballgown is way too much fun!
  • ***Ashley: ****On-air wardrobe choice would be casual jeans with a leather jacket to spice it up! *

Guy for Des: Brooks, Chris or Drew?

  • Molly: Chris!  I’ve got to root for the Seattle guy, of course!
  • ***Ashley: ***Whomever she loves that loves her back!

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