Perhaps you are on accessory overload, or maybe you’re having trouble nailing down the basics. Whatever the dilemma may be, Alana from Sassy Fashionista is here to simplify things and show us the five fabulous accessories that every woman should own. Visit her blog for more beauty and fashion insight – think of it as your style blog with sass!

With so many trends floating around, it’s easy to find yourself purchasing heaps of accessories that you don’t need, and will never end up wearing — like that neon pink sequined tote that looked oh so fab in the store. But trends come and go. No one wants to be stuck with a pile of accessories that are “so last season” and end up having nothing to wear without looking très passé . There are a few basics that all ladies should have—and the best part is, they *never *go out of style.

Pearls: They go with every single outfit you could possibly dream up, and have the power toke any outfit look classy.

A pair of diamond (or faux diamond) studs: These can dress up any outfit and just so happen to look great on everyone. I even go as far as having “emergency” studs in my office and handbag at all times in case I have a style crisis.

A big bright scarf: Scarves can add a pop of color instantly. You can wear them around your neck, or tie them onto your handbag to for a unique touch (which I’m a huge fan of doing). Try to find one that is lightweight so you can wear it year-round.

A structured bag: In a medium size, a sturdy bag will be your best friend. Basic black will do, but I personally go for colors like plum, bronze or teal. Though the colors may sound a bit scary, you’ll be surprised at how much use you can get out of a plum-hued bag, and how many outfits it can actually compliment.

Big sunglasses: Not only do they help block out the sun, they help you beat the aging game. One of the top reasons for wrinkles around the eye is from squinting. So wearing sunglasses can definitely help with that. Plus they just look super chic. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when picking out a pair.

Once you have these fab basics, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.