New Season, New Runway Collections with FARFETCH

It’s all about fashion month over at FARFETCH and with a focus on Iconic Fashion, they’re highlighting some of the next generation (newer and older) superbrands that you’re going to want to keep your eye on.

And here, we’re talking all about designer luxury fashion – new this month at FARFETCH.

The designers making a huge impact on the aesthetic and vibe of the fashion scene are all making drops online this month - the official spring/summer 21 fashion month. So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the biggest and most important aesthetics this season. Perfect for all you luxury lovers.

Designer fashion seems to be surpassing logos, graphics and branding when it comes to what’s important now. It certainly feels more about aesthetics than trends. The designers know and acknowledge that the world has changed. And as we come out of months of lockdown around the world, we’re all seeing things from a new perspective.

Simone Rocha

Don’t worry, the OTT romantic silhouettes that we usually see from Simone Rocha have gone nowhere. But this time, it’s even bigger - with oversized shapes and super feminine detailing like ruffles, tulle and lace all thrown into the mix.

The inspiration behind the collection was the balance between strength and fragility which shines through the layering of feminine fabrics, asymmetry of cuts and exaggerated proportions. This is old world glamour – cut for 2021.

Discover super feminine dresses with oversized cuts in key black and white palettes.

The collection is changing what simple black and white basics mean. You’ll find tees with a difference.

Redefining pearl accessories for the modern fashion lover.


The iconic baroque print is back in full force this season for Versace - alongside other adapted archive prints to boot. Donatella wanted to bring us out of lockdown life with a bang and that she did. And it’s all about maximalism over here.

Like a rebirth after months in lockdown, the inspo for the collection came from the ’92 collection - Trésor de la Mer (treasure of the sea). Giving it new life in 2021. Think starfish, coral, shells and anything oceanic. The goal? Make the DNA of Versace relevant for today, where everyone has a new perspective.

Baroque speaks volumes throughout the collection, scooped from the Versace archives.

Starfish and shell prints are a must.

We also love the shapes pulled from the Versace archives with a modern twist like this corset top. All the ‘90s vibes with baroque print included in a subtler way.


Ricardo Tisci continues to redefine the Burberry brand this season. And Burberry is looking particularly street with a smart twist. The ultimate hybrid, inspired by a thirst for freedom after lockdown.

This sophisticated aesthetic balanced with modern streetwear exudes the progressive vibes of the label with plenty of classic palettes and black in there too.

Street vibes balanced with classic styles are a big look.

Redefining classic Burberry with a very modern look. Same palette, different vibe.

Black. Polished. Sharp. Simplicity.

Heron Preston

Making his mark this season, Heron Preston continues with his signature aesthetic of elevated workwear-inspired pieces. Another designer where branding and OTT graphics were scaled back, we’re seeing a focus on slowing down and producing more iconic staples.

Bold flashes of orange oozing workwear/streetwear vibes are a central look.

Talking accessories. Think signature spirit-level heels and hard tool bag.

Marine Serre

It’s still all about the moon print over at Marine Serre. Some sharp tailoring throughout the collection is paired with the signature moon print or new ultra-bold geometric prints that do all the talking.

Moon print is still key this season.

Tailored pieces were interspersed throughout the collection adding to the overall aesthetic of less-is-more and staple wearable pieces are key.

Even the denim feels tailored – and doesn’t miss the chance to adopt the moon print.


Like several other major labels, lots of the spring/summer Marni collection are pieces from the Marni archives reworked. Think lots of stripes and florals. The designer literally took pieces from past collections and played putting them back together to create the vibe of the line.

With a certain artisanal charm running through the collection, the pieces feel personal. Inspired by the fragility of freedom and ‘unity in diversity’, Francesco Risso called it his manifesto.

Deconstructed stripes are a major look.

Interspersed with this spring’s bold new florals.

Accessories are all about artisanal handmade-inspired pieces and signature sharp leather and footwear redefines the staple looks we’re used to seeing in spring.

Will these neoprene sneakers be the new Balenciaga’s of this season?

From classic silhouettes with a twist to swapping out your logos for signature or iconic archive prints, this season we’re seeing longevity and diversity throughout every important designer’s collections. Don’t miss this month’s designer drops at FARFETCH to ensure any designer wardrobe updates you’re doing incorporate this season’s key looks.