Gretasguide*As the holidays approach, it’s fun to think of new ways to make the gifts you’re giving stand out. Greta from Greta Guide is here to show us a creative approach to wrapping presents, and lets just say – green has never been so colorful! *

So, if you are like me, you probably have a nice collection of cloth bags right about now. It seems like everyone has jumped on the “this is not a plastic bag” wagon- super markets, clothing stores and even my gym! While I think it is great, I worry that all of these cloth bags are becoming a little bit excessive. So, I’ve decided to use my lovely assortment to wrap all my holiday gifts.


Have some bags and want to be on the front end of a new eco-wrapping trend? I thought so! Here’s how:


Set out all of your bags and gifts- matching up sizes and personal tastes for the people you will be gifting. Remember, your gift receivers are not only getting what is inside, but a great bag they can use for their grocery shopping or around town errands. You may even inspire them to turn their cloth bag collection into wrapping for future gift giving.


Next, make sure you have a adequate supply of ribbons. I also like to use fabric scraps to mix in, and when I popped into Purl Patchwork in SoHo they had an ample supply that they graciously gifted to me and my eco- wrapping cause.


You can either place the gift to be wrapped inside the actual bag or use the bag like paper itself. I have demonstrated both ways. The best part about this is that you can be inventive in how you think it should look and how you want to use all your resources.


The colors and patterns of your bags are liable to vary, so to align them with the holiday theme, I suggest using gold or silver ribbon. Also, as hollyhock and other wintery greens become available, I would try tying them in beneath your ribbon to add a little something special.

I hope this inspires you. It is a great way to save money on gift wrapping and make use of the abundance of cloth bags out there while putting your signature on the gifts you give. You can also check out the ‘how-to’ video here!