In the fashion world, going green has gone from hippies and hemp to “eco chic”. With designers like Stella McCartney on board, it’s clear that clothing with a conscience is no longer relegated to the style-challenged.

Although responsible fashion is getting more and more attention, as a consumer it can be difficult to pinpoint just what “being green” really means when it comes to your wardrobe. The good news is, it doesn’t refer to any one practice – and this means there are lots of ways to make a difference without resorting to extremes.

We caught up with Eco Expert and Founder of Fashion Me Green Greta Eagan, a Shop It To Me Trendsetter, to share some tips. We definitely recommend checking out her stylish site — you may just forget eco-friendly ever had crunchy connotations.

Images via John Patrick Organic

What does “eco fashion” mean?
“Eco-fashion can be defined as the design, production, use and disposal of fashion in a conscious manner – both environmentally and socially.”

What are ways you can make green choices about fashion?
“Wash your clothes less – they really don’t need it and all the washing and drying is contributing huge amounts of CO2 emissions, [a gas that contributes to climate change].”

How do you think the eco fashion movement has evolved?
“I think that eco-fashion and the green movement in general are becoming a lot more stylish. With eco-educated designers on the scene and increased availability in resources, the movement is gaining momentum and clout.”

Any particular eco fabrics to look for?
“Organic cotton is a good one. So are linen and pea silk. Stay away from bamboo for now — the processing is just as chemical ridden as producing rayon!”

** Favorite innovations in eco fashion?**
“I am a big fan of the zero waste design concept to make more use of the fabric at hand and cut consciously.”

The bottom line? You don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. In fact, you don’t even need to go out of your way to find environmentally- and socially-responsible brands. Labels like Alternative Apparel, Edun, Loomstate, Matt & Nat, John Patrick Organic and OlsenHaus can be found at major online and brick-and-mortar stores – and of course, on Shop It To Me, too.