Dresses to Wear During Quarantine

Lockdown is over, but we're still inside, like, A LOT.  What are we wearing?

During quarantining we've already figured out:

So why haven't we indulged ourselves in some chic "work from home" dresses to wear during quarantine?

Say no more honey, and continue to read on for the best dresses to wear during quarantine, including but not limited to, elegant, casual, sleek, luxe and other WFH dresses to make your heart sing. WFH = work from home

BTW.. the only positive about this pandemic is the fact that the internet is ridden with SALES .. literately tons of new styles are coming in and selling out like 2013's cronut .. we haven't seen prices this low in a long time .. if our picks below are out of stock, just remember— there's plenty more where that came from!

When we love something we get it in EVERY COLOR

Especially when those colors are black and white. Alexander Wang's more casual brand, T by Alexander Wang, is the perfect label to incorporate into your WFH wardrobe.

Wear these classic 100% cotton shirt dresses all day and definitely keep them on during your zoom calls.

Style these T by Alexander Wang shirt dresses with tennis sneakers or cute slippers.

Kind of like a NIGHTGOWN but not

Want the effortlessness of a nightie combined with an office appropriate print? Proenza Schouler makes working remotely really easy with this pistachio colored maxi dress.

From the waist up this dress looks like a chic sleeveless blouse, and if you prefer more coverage, top off with a tiny cardigan or cropped sweater.

A WRAP DRESS is always a good idea

A modern fashion-forward wrap dress looks exactly like Suboo's version below. Made from a cotton-linen blend in a peachy orange hue, this wrap dress is perfect for quarantine life.

Casual 90's Vibes

This hybrid halter mini dress is the epitome of a sexy 90's girl. The denim portion is slung low across the hips, and the top halter features a low back.

Throw on a denim jacket on top (check out these chic Denim on Denim outfits) to emphasize your street style look or add a blazer when it's time to talk to your boss.

Crinkled & Creamy

Normally we don't want our dresses looking like wrinkled messes, but this purposefully crinkled belted Nanushka shirt style dress is actually tres chic.

Outfitted in an oversized silhouette, this is literally the perfect type of dress to wear during quarantine.

Fashion Baby

Burberry does fashion WELL. Whether you're into the hyper logo and street style aesthetic, or something more classic, this iconic brit based brand has you covered from head to toe— aka Burberry makes the best damn accessories ever.

Style Tips & Tricks

Need inspo for styling your dresses? Love the dress but it's missing something? Fix all of your dress woes with these tips & tricks courtesy of Shop It To Me!

  • If your dress is very revealing from the chest up, throw on a cardigan, blazer, or cropped sweater to give your ensemble more coverage
  • Similar to the above statement, if you need to look more professional, adding a blazer or half buttoned up cardigan really does the trick
  • Even fancy silk slip dresses can be worn with cute sneakers— aka ANY dress can be worn with cute sneakers when styled corrected
  • Throw on a designer shawl for maximum impact over a simple dress that needs a little je ne sais quoi
  • Love the dress but not the length? Go to a tailor and get it hemmed to your liking
  • Again, looking for more coverage? Add a super light sheer long sleeved blouse underneath a cami style dress (a turtleneck even works in the Winter)
  • Wear a belt bag either tight around your waist or slung sideways cross body style
  • Wear a stylish baseball cap, bakers boy hat, felt cap, fedora, etc to dress up (or dress down) your look

Dresses you can STILL WEAR during Quarantine

Yes, it's possible to still look cute during quarantine!

Online shopping it what gets us going every morning! Ha!

1.) we're helping the economy

2.) we're definitely social distancing

3.) you don't have to wear a mask in your own home!

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All the "it" girls are doing it ;)