Do you ever find yourself buying the same styles over and over? When I find shapes that flatter my body, they slowly tend to fill up my wardrobe.

One item I continue to buy is the knee-length strapless dress. I like the ease of these dresses and not having to worry about whether the straps are the right size. I have a million in my closet but I’m tempted by new ones all the time.

Here are some summery strapless dresses from my Sale Spot. Although the shape is the same, there are lots of colors, details and patterns that add variety.

Are there any styles or colors of clothing you always seem to be drawn to?


  1. J. Crew printed Erika dress, Reg: $275, Now: $200
  2. Victoria’s Secret bra top tube dress, Reg: $38, Now: $29
  3. Tracy Reese woven strapless dress, Reg: $435, Now: $283
  4. Diane Von Furstenberg  Lauriston dress, Reg: $525, Now: $367.50