With the economy all stressed out, it is no surprise that designers are cutting prices and practically giving away clothes with their awesome sales – ahem, SALEMAIL! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Coach will soon be launching Poppy, a new line for Fall 2009 that is said to be a little friendlier on the ol’ wallet. I am totally intrigued by the teaser – it looks as bright and bubbly as ever!


In addition to this, Juicy Couture will be launching their new line, Bird, in August. Though this one isn’t claiming “penny saver” like Poppy, the sophisticated, vintage-inspired designs just may be worth their slightly steeper pricetags. Rumor is the range will be around $150-$500 – not *so *bad.


What excites you more: the recession-friendly Poppy, or the chic and edgy Bird? Oh dear, I can’t decide!