If you’re like us, you don’t need manufactured buying frenzies such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get you shopping, you just need a decent deal on an item you want.  In the coming weeks we’ll be telling you about lots of great sales on pieces you’ve been pining for, with loads of incentives from your favorite retailers.  To keep you shopping smart, here are our takeaways on where the deals were this past weekend.  Keep the results in mind as you sale through the rest of the holiday season.


*To provide you this data, Shop It To Me a**nalyzed sales on 58,952 items this year and 30,350 from last year. For Cyber Monday 2010, we examined 43,755 women’s items and 10,744 men’s. **For Black Friday 2010 we examined *45,701 women’s items and 11,646 men’s.  Here are the findings:

This year, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts were slightly less than last year.  Discounts on Black Friday were slightly better than Cyber Monday:

  • Black Friday discounts: 45%-off this year vs. 47%-off last year
  • Cyber Monday discounts: 43%-off this year vs. 47%-off last year

Overall, average Cyber Monday discount this year was 43%-off (compared to 47%-off last year).  Greatest discounts were on Women’s apparel vs. other departments).

  • Women’s: 44% this year vs. 48% last year
  • Men’s: 38% this year vs. 45% last year
  • Kids were 4 percentage lower than last year as well

On Cyber Monday, Women’s Categories mirrored the discounts seen on Black Friday:

  • However, on Cyber Monday, no category offered average discount of over 50%-off.
  • Biggest discounts were Casual pants 47%-off, Casual shirts and dresses 46% off, Outerwear 46% off, Shorts and Skirts 48% off, Swimwear and Tshirts 46%-off.
  • Least reduced items were Accessories 38%-off, Bags 37%-off, Jewelry 37%-off, Sleepwear 35%-off.

As far as where to find the best bargains:

  • Online-only stores (i.e., Piperlime, Shopbop, Endless) had the biggest discounts (46%-off), followed by Specialty stores (43%-off) and Department store sites (40%-off).
  • This followed the pattern we saw last year:  Online-only stores averaged 51%-off, Specialty retailers offered 45%-off, Department store sites were 39%-off.

Get free shipping:

This year, nearly half of the retailers we work with provided some type of free shipping offer.  Last year, it was a quarter to a third of retailers that provided it.