Cute T-shirts For Kids

Let's be honest here, we love shopping for kids just as much as we love shopping for ourselves.

Heck, anything that involves shopping we're pretty much down to try. Starting off with little boy's tees and then jumping into little girl's tees, today's post is all about our stylish little babies (even if they're not technically babies anymore).

Boy's T-shirts

It's been approximately 1minute into our search for the cutest tees for boys and we've already found what we're looking for. Ralph Lauren, a brand that encompasses fashion for all ages, never lets us down. A strong fashion trend for 2019 is the tie-dye t-shirt and this cotton tee lives up to the hype.

So Shark Week just ended but that doesn't mean we can't still bask in its glory. Vineyard Vines knows what boys love with its long sleeve Shark Week graphic tee (which also comes in toddler sizes). P.S. There's a cute shark graphic on the back too, click the image.

Revived brand Vans is getting in on the recent logomania craze and it's 2-in-1 layered t-shirt with signature checkered sleeves is a tee that we immediately added to our cart.

Adding fuel to the logomania fire is this designer Burberry logo tee, which looks pretty cute with khakis.

Speaking of adding to our carts, do people really have time to shop in-store anymore? We didn't think so. We found name-brand sale site Shop It To Me, which is exactly where we found all of these cute kid's tees, and we haven't looked back. Sign-up for free to start easily viewing and saving money on clothing for both yourself, your husband, and your kids. #goals

Girls, Girls, Girls

Our little princesses are reflections of ourselves so they deserve to look adorable, even when just in a basic t-shirt. We recently wrote a piece on Must-Have Graphic T-Shirts For Women, so with that in mind, we can see why a graphic tee is also a must for our mini me's.

J.Crew does basics really well, and this bright pink rose long-sleeve tee is really doing it for us. (does it come in women's sizes?)

Kenzo creates kid's fashions and we're into its little girl's logo tee as much as we are into its women's logo tees.

Also precious is Ralph Lauren's floral logo girl's tee. Ralph Lauren is a brand that you can dress the whole family in.

Ralph Lauren could subjectively be the chicest option for little kid's clothing. What's more chic than a bear in a cardigan donning a beret?

A Graphic Tee Is Always A Good Idea

Sometimes we toy with the notion that a graphic tee is nothing less than an uninspired shirt. But we always come crawling back for more like a bad habit. Fact is, there's nothing greater than jeans and a tee, so we shouldn't fight it.

Each of these children's tees can be worn with classic blue jeans (or any color jeans really) and/or shorts, a skirt, leggings, etc.

We also recently wrote an article on stylish Men's Graphic Tees, and it hit us that they are in fact sexy and chic across the board.

If you're in the mood for more fashion fun, keep up with us here, to stay in-the-know about the latest fashion trends and new brand announcements.