Ever wish you had a friend to consult about a potential online purchase?

Sometimes you just need the extra urge to push you over the edge — someone to tell you that something is cute enough/a great enough deal/high-enough quality, or just perfect for YOU… and it’s troublesome when you’re shopping alone.

Did you know about the “Ask A Friend” feature in your Shop It To Me emails? Click that little envelope below any product, and the “Ask A Friend” box will appear.

Petite Floral Medallions Beaded Scoop Neck DressReg $99.00Send to a Friend!Now $59.99You can type in as many friends names as you want, customize a message to them, and wait for them to give your product a thumbs up (green), thumbs down (red), or even a ‘maybe’ (purple). Then you can view all of their combined responses at one time!

Online shopping is no longer only a solo-endeavor!