Last night, Natalie and I joined the winners of the Shopaholic giveaway to see the first advanced screening, here in San Francisco (the real movie hits theaters on February 13th).  We left the theater grinning from ear to ear!

Our expections for the movie weren’t grand – we were prepared for a typical chick flick, with a loose plot and minimal character development. But we left fulfilled.  Isla Fisher was the perfect pick for the role of Rebecca Bloomwood, shopaholic and fashionista.  She was a vibrant character; ditzy yet so likeable — and attractive as can be!  (Boyfriends will be willing to see this one just to admire her, and we have a total girl crush).  Patricia Field, master stylist (think “Sex and the City” and “Devil Wears Prada”), did a glorious job dressing Rebecca in feminine luxury. She definitely didn’t skimp on accessories either. The look was flirty, fun, and dramatic.  For a real person to wear these outfits would be outlandish — but on screen, great eye candy.


Reminiscent of “Clueless” or “Legally Blonde”, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” presented moments that would never happen in a million years, yet were hilarious nonetheless.  And although far beyond reality, the movie is hitting theaters at a poignant time — the theme of credit card debt and cutting back on shopping was so relevant.  Yet the positive spin was a welcome change from the gloom-and-doom outlook that’s often the focus these days.  Fanciful touches like the dancing mannequins, boldly colored wardrobe choices, and pop music soundtrack made this a movie that can be viewed over and over with a smile to the face each time!

A limited quantity of free advanced screening tickets are still available for next week’s screenings in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle.  See here for details!